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Healthy Eating is Better than Dieting

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Lose weight without dieting you ask? 

Can this be true? 

Certainly it is.

Have you tried every fad diet on the market and can’t lose any weight?

Worse still, have you lost the weight but then regained it and possibly more? 

This is because fad diets don’t work.

Fad diets are impossible to maintain long term, usually because of their restrictive food choices.   We soon become bored with so little choice and start to yearn for other food.

Not only that, they can be downright dangerous, particularly if they exclude certain food groups.

Once you cease the diet and resume normal eating, guess what happens?  That’s right.  You go back to your old eating habits and so the weight creeps back on again.

This is called yoyo dieting and is the main reason people fail to lose weight.

How do I Lose Weight

What you need to do is change your eating habits.  Only by adopting a healthy eating plan and healthy lifestyle will you lose the weight and keep it off.

To succeed it means changing the types of food you eat, how you cook it and perhaps substituting certain ingredients.  

This requires a new mindset and the changing of bad habits.    Some habits are easier to alter than others.

Start off with small changes, such as cutting down on sugary soft drinks, eating less sweet foods such as cookies, cakes and chocolate. 

Also look at portion sizes.  Have you noticed how portion sizes have increased?  Everything is super-sized.  Reduce the amount of food you are eating and cut out between meal snacking.

Before you consume any food ask yourself “Is this healthy?”   If it is not then ask yourself “Can I make it healthy by making a few changes or perhaps substituting a few ingredients.”   Even making small changes to your eating can make a difference.

Delete the word diet from your vocabulary.  Instead use the words “healthy eating”.

Remember, this is a lifestyle change and the benefits will be not only weight loss, but also improved health and vitality.

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