About Me

My name is Monica and I’m the creator behind this website.

I’m not a registered dietician or clinical nutritionist, but I’ve always been interested in diet and lifestyle but haven’t always managed to achieve it.


As a youngster I was an athlete, competing at a national level.  So for me healthy eating and living was a must.  But it’s easy when you’re young and have no other responsibilities or commitments.

It’s much harder when you have a family to look after.  Trying to juggle work with home and family responsibilities left me with little time for myself.   Ferrying children to and from their sporting activities means spending a lot of time sitting on the sidelines watching, not exercising yourself.

And when I did arrive home cooking was the last thing I felt like, so I looked for fast, easy meals which weren’t always healthy.

Time for Change

Then about 10 year ago I decided to turn things around.  The weight was creeping on, my clothes no longer fit me and my blood pressure was rising.  Time for action.

So I joined a gym and revamped my diet.  Instead of buying fattening lunches, I packed healthy salads for my lunch. I banished most of the junk food (but still allowed myself the occasional treat).   I found healthy recipes I could cook.

The result was the pounds melted away, I had more energy and I felt better than I had for ages.   And the best thing is I’ve been able to keep the pounds off. 

That doesn’t mean that I don’t sometimes weaken and indulge, particularly during the holiday season and on special occasions.  After all, I don’t believe in depriving myself completely.  Especially as I have a sweet tooth and love chocolate and sweets.

I found low fat recipes so that I could continue to enjoy the foods that I love, including cakes and desserts.  

But in case you happen to think that I only eat cakes and sweets, I also love fresh fruit and salads.

Over the years I’ve tried many diets, from the high protein diet, low carbohydrate diet, low GI diet.  I found most to be too much trouble quite frankly and basically unsustainable long term.


The secret to permanent weight loss and good health is to find good, healthy recipes that the whole family will eat.  If you have to cook two meals, one for yourself and one for the rest of the family, you will fail.  It is simply too much work.  So the recipes have to be healthy, easy, tasty and made from ordinary, everyday ingredients.

I’ve spent many years finding out what works and what doesn’t.  I tried many recipes, some were successful and some weren’t.   

So now I want to share everything I’ve learned with you.   I discovered it IS possible to eat healthily without having to resort to expensive ingredients that have to be bought from specialist shops.  It just means reading the labels on packets and buying more of your groceries from the fruit and vegie aisle at the supermarket.

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