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Healthy Eating Never Tasted So Good

If you’re looking to lighten up your diet and lose weight, but without catching the dreaded “dieting blues,” my healthy recipes are perfect for you.

These recipes have been designed with three things in mind:

   They are easy
   They are healthy
   They are delicious

I’ve taken ordinary, everyday foods and given them a healthy twist by cutting back on the fat and sugar content and improving the nutritional value without compromising on taste.  You’ll find many of your family favorites here.

Most Popular Healthy Recipes

The recipes include familiar ingredients that are not too difficult to obtain or pronounce.  But because I limit the use of processed foods, most recipes are made from scratch.  But you won’t find them too difficult or time consuming.

You will find:

  • Information on the benefits of healthy eating
  • Accurate information about how different foods affect your health
  • Practical tips for healthy cooking
  • Healthy eating guidelines
  • A complete set of fully tested healthy recipes

The aim is to equip you with the necessary tools for a healthy diet.   These recipes will provide you with a large range of delicious and nutritious soups, salads, main meals, desserts and snacks – plenty of ideas for everyday meals as well as special events. 

What is Healthy Eating?

For decades the recipe for a healthy diet has been one based on whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables, with small amounts of lean meat and dairy products.

The latest nutrition research hasn’t deviated much from this advice.  The recipes on this website follow this principle, with an emphasis on limiting saturated fats, less salt and sugar, incorporating healthy oils (nuts, olive oil) and minimal processed foods.

How to Eat Healthy

Following the guidelines for the healthy eating plate is a simple and easy way to a balanced diet.  Half of your plate is filled with fruit and vegetables, a quarter with protein and the remaining quarter with grains.  This takes the guess work out of meal planning.   There's no need to count the number of servings or weigh food. 

Some days you may eat more or less of a particular food, but over time it balances out.    As long as you eat something from each food group, your body will receive sufficient nutrients for good health.

The Low Down on Fat

For many years it was believed that the secret to weight loss was a low-fat diet.  We were encouraged to cut out fat completely from our diets.  But a strange thing happened.  We became fatter, not thinner.

Why?  Because we replaced the fats (including the healthy ones) with carbohydrates.  So we were, in actual fact, consuming more calories than ever before.

The experts have now amended this advice; we should be including fat in our diet.

Does this mean we can go out and load up on our favourite fries, burgers and ice cream?

Sorry, but no.  The new advice now is to eat healthy fats, the ones found in olive oil, nuts and avocados.

Find out which are good fats and which are bad fats.

What are the benefits of a healthy diet?

Not only will you look amazing with a better looking body and improved skin and hair, but you will feel much better about yourself.

No longer will you feel tired and run-down.  Increased energy levels mean you will function better and be more alert for longer.

And let’s not forget the improvement to your health.  With a well-functioning immune system and lower blood cholesterol levels, there is a reduced risk of many diseases. 

Frequently asked questions on healthy eating

Do I have to go out and buy special ingredients?

No not at all. The recipes are created from ingredients that are readily available from the supermarket.
You won’t need to scour health-food stores looking for those illusive and sometimes expensive health foods.
I use ingredients that everyone is familiar with.
Is healthy food tasty?

You bet! In fact, you won't be able to tell the difference between my healthy recipes and normal full fat ones.
With the clever use of seasonings and herbs, healthy food can look and taste just as good.
Simplicity is the key. Food that is not drowned in fat tastes better.
Do these recipes work?

Each recipe has been tested. Designed to be easy as well as healthy, I have lowered the fat and sugar content of many recipes as well as improving their nutritional value. I’ve used these recipes over many years to not only lose weight but also to maintain that weight loss.

I hope that the healthy recipes and information on this website will give you the tools you need to enjoy a healthy diet and lifestyle.  These are the recipes I share with my family and friends, so I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

After all food is one of life’s great pleasures.  Sharing a meal with family and friends is an enjoyable pastime and shouldn’t leave you feeling guilty.

Healthy eating doesn't mean giving up all your favorite dishes.   These recipes will prove to you that good food and good nutrition can go hand in hand. 

It's all about making healthy choices.

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